At Carisbrook Enterprises occupational health and safety is the underlying key objective throughout all our operations and we will never compromise the safety of our staff, clients and the general public.

We operate under the HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law) in NSW and VIC.  In WA we operate under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996.

Risk Management

All staff are involved in the continuous monitoring and improvement of our operating practices. Regular audits and inspections of our systems, practices, equipment and vehicles are conducted to reduce or eliminate hazards, incidents and near misses.


Reports and incident analysis

Every staff member takes their safety responsibility seriously and helps to daily monitor the firm’s safety procedures and policies. Staff report to management any known or potential hazards they may find in the Carisbrook or client’s workplace. Any policy weakness or deviation, incident or hazard report is investigated swiftly, with corrective and preventative measures put into place immediately.



All staff are trained on Carisbrook’s safety procedures and policies. We have an objective of Zero Harm in the workplace andall staff, contractors and stakeholders are trained in the Take 5 Hazard Identification process. Regular safety toolbox meetings allow companywide communication and action plans on safety-related issues.

Our drivers have completed necessary courses and training with many having achieved or working towards advanced certifications in transportation, distribution and safety including units in Chain of Responsibility (CoR) such as driver fatigue, load restraint, equipment checks and speed monitoring.


 Safety technology

Carisbrook’s staff follow strict fatigue management systems. Our vehicles have numerous safety-boosting features such as speed monitoring systems, new braking technologies and telematic GPS tracking systems in all trucks to ensure our drivers’ location can always be tracked. All drivers conduct daily pre-start vehicle and equipment checks.



Our unwavering focus on safety means that Carisbrook’s custom-branded fleet of trucks are not only regularly and meticulously maintained using computer-aided systems and highly experienced mechanics, our fleet is also renewed every five years.